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Typical projects portfolio in Europe, South Africa

EPCM services - basic, detail design, project management, construction management, purchasing support, cost estimating, planning, construction and commissioning of new assets or refurbishment of existing assets at client’s sites:

Installation of rotating equipment
Cleaning and safe isolation
Static equipment
Supply, fabrication of new
  tank components and installation
Installation of valves
Hydraulic test
Provision and execution of test packs
Construction Management
New mechanical work
Electrical & Instrumentation
Supply of new pipework, pipelines and supports
Green Hydrogen
Solar PV plants
QA/QC documentation
Handover, As Builts

Project locations: Germany, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Austria, Turkey, and South Africa.

We manage more than 100 different projects across Europe and South Africa.

Our total capital expenditure (Capex) per year is valued between 40 and 60 million Euros.

Eng.Co Group is proudly employing over 120 people around the globe to keep its operations tight and on schedule.

Information & Knowledge Management
Compliance & Document Control

Information and/or drawing validation and update services that includes field verification, regulatory compliance and document management.

Data & Information Management

Smart tool development services that enables business intelligence information to be translated into easily visible metrics, dashboards and ad-hoc reports. 

Project Controls

Budgeting, scheduling, overall coordination and progress measurement and reporting services.  KPI development and management, norms database development and progress reports.

Digitalization Optimization Services

We evaluate current practices, industry trends and provide digitalization strategies and/or implementation services for operational facilities and new projects.

Execution Improvement

Full-service engineering and design. Reviews such as P&ID, HAZOP, HAZCON, Hazard Area Classifications, design engineering management and project/construction management that integrate all elements from conception to completion, to operation and decommissioning.

Project Review & Evaluation

Design objective reviews, engineering reviews, stress testing of estimates, estimate and schedule assessment.

Project & Construction Management

Experienced Construction Teams and individuals enabling our clients deliver greenfield or brownfield projects safely, on time & on budget.

Plant Engineering & Small Capital Projects

Project Design and management resources operating globally or locally, delivering capital projects and portfolios as part of an integrated client organisation or as an independent service team.

Asset Optimization
Asset Management

Standardized work processes and tools for a global view of all assets covering engineering, maintenance records and inspection reports.  Service includes maintenance planning and compliance with local regulatory requirements.

Operational & Asset Improvement Assessments

Operational and project readiness audits, with a gap analysis compared to industry best practices, covering operational excellence, procurement practices, shutdown/turnaround plans, project start-up and project integration planning.

Resource Recruitment, Evaluation & Development

Supply of individuals, teams and/or the evaluation of resources, resource development and the implementation of training for local resources.

Facility/Depot Commissioning & Decommissioning

Commissioning, and decommissioning & removal, of plant facilities and oil depots, including scope development plans, schedules and budgets, and the management of the works.

Remote Support Services

Working with local partners and/or clients to invest in the areas in which we operate – building capability with local leadership and local execution; all driving sustainability.

Supply of Goods / Services

From logistics management to goods and services supply, we support project and operational needs in diverse locations. We align with partners to deliver operational and construction support services.

Local Content Development

Training and development which includes Skills Gap Assessments, Training and Progress reviews. Providing Training Centres in remote locations which are designed to upskill and develop local content.

Safety & Security

Skilled specialists, Regulatory Compliance and Licensing. Robust security systems and services, planning and operations designed to protect from external threats. Risk-based, flexible and responsive to the environments in which we operate.

Shell Haven Production Tanks

This is a continuation of that study with tanks T1360 and T1361 which shall remain in service to sustain the 4.5mln tons throughput per year...

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30 MW Green Hydrogen Production Plant

Feasibility Study & EPC Cost Investment Estimate (AACE Class 4) with CAPEX and OPEX, for the construction of a 30 MW Green Hydrogen Production...

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New marina of Varazze

Executive planning of the air conditioning, heating, hydrosanitary systems of a part of the Spina building and of the Port Authority of the...

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Relocation of SIGEMI oil pipelines in the Polcevera stream in the Genoa municipality

Safety Coordination in phase of execution and Construction Supervision of the yard for the replacement of SIGEMI oil pipelines, interfering...

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Adjustment of the fire fighting system for SIGEMI storage of Arquata Scrivia (AL)

Safety Coordination in phase of planning and execution for the adjustment of the fire fighting system of SIGEMI storage of Arquata Scrivia...

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Restructuring of SIGEMI oil pipeline crossing on the Isonzo river.

Construction supervision and safety coordination in phase of execution for the restructuring of SIGEMI oil pipeline crossing on river...

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Pump room and entrance petroleum products adjustment of SIGEMI storage of Arquata Scrivia (AL).

Work supervision and safety coordination in phase of execution for the yard of SIGEMI storage of Arquata Scrivia (AL), related to functional...

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Connecting pipes for petrol and gasoline fuel of the SIGEMI storage Arquata Scrivia (AL)

Work supervision and safety coordination in phase of execution for the yard in the SIGEMI storage in Arquata Scrivia (AL) concerning...

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River Po crossing for the replacement of a part of the oil pipeline Genoa - Lacchiarella.

Safety Coordination in phase of execution and Building supervision for the construction of the new crossing of the Po river with CHD technique...

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Truck Gantry Implementation Multiload on bay 10, 11 & 13

Install new flow computers from Toptech Multiload II, on the loading bays, Jetties and Railcar loading...

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Mossel Bay South Africa 2022 - 2023 program

The project objective is to replace the product pumps and construct a new pump bay Removal of various high risk non standard equipment...

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Replace Additive Pumps - Esso Additives 2021 - 2022 program

Install new magnetic driven additive pumps Install new piping from tank to first flange to loading gantries incorporating the necessary safety...

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