Environmentally friendly


Eng.Co Group’s long term approach to business includes placing great emphasis on looking after our people, our partners, the communities we work in and our customers. Our goal is to minimize any negative environmental impact and to produce sustainable wealth and local capability. In line with European and international policies we are transitioning towards a low carbon and environmentally friendly company, in which the resources and services provided by us are protected and enhanced for the wellbeing of all.

Eng.Co Group policy is driven by our belief that it is much better to focus on eliminating/reducing consumption of resources where possible, and then by replacing unavoidable needs with more environmentally friendly resources. We strive to always optimize/minimize our travel and fuel consumption, and as a result we have become a “best in class”, truly ‘remote engineering’ services supplier. We have developed innovative communication tools and knowledge sharing techniques through digital platforms that ensure our engineers only travel when absolutely necessary.