Diversity drives

Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion is embedded in the way we operate, our structure and the minds of our leadership. We believe in affording all individuals equal and a fair opportunity to become a member of our team, to build and develop on their skill sets as they blossom in their careers within our Organisation.

We hold no prejudice against colour, sex, gender, race, religion or cultural background. Our Policy, procedures and practices have been put in place aimed at supporting a diverse workplace in all aspects of our business. At Eng.Co Group we offer a collaborative, supportive and respectful work environment free from all barriers, discrimination and intolerance.

Eng.Co Group supports our clients to give Local Nationals in all locations an opportunity to not only work within our current contracts but to secure long term positions with career opportunities and skill transfer. We are committed to providing work experience and training through our in depth Competence Assurance Program that equips Local Nationals with the skills required to secure sustainable ongoing employment within the industries that we do business. Our aim is to attract, recruit, train and retain Local Nationals on an ongoing basis and to engage where appropriate with national Contractors to provide support services as required by Eng.Co Group for our service offerings.

For the procurement of Goods and Services we aim to ensure that Local Industry are given the maximum opportunity to participate in the supply of services and that they are afforded a Full, Fair and Reasonable engagement process with Eng.Co Group to support this Objective.