is a priority

Safety, Security & Environment


Eng.Co Group holds Safety at the forefront of every aspect of our business. We operate in a manner that helps protect our employees, contractors, customers and the communities where we operate. Our approach to safety includes identifying possible risks, implementing measures to prevent potential incidents, and educating employees and contractors about unsafe behaviours. Our Safety Policy, procedures, programs, processes, and training, has been developed to ensure our people have the right skill sets and tool kits to undertake all aspects of our business Safely.

At Eng.Co Group we understand that each and everyone of us is individually responsible and accountable for effectively managing Safety. We are committed to starting every task with Safety in mind, never passing an unsafe act, to always following procedures, to never taking short cuts and to hold ourselves accountable.


Eng.Co Group’s robust security measures are designed to protect our personnel, company assets, and projects (where required) from external threats and cybersecurity attacks. Our security programs are risk-based, flexible and responsive to the environments in which we operate.

Our operations and projects undergo periodic security analyses to address potential threats with each assessment considers geographic location, relationships with communities and applicable laws. In higher-risk locations, we monitor local conditions and maintain detailed security preparedness plans, such as evacuation and intruder response plans. We train our personnel who travel to and live in higher-risk countries on personal safety in challenging security environments. Our security personnel continuously improve our risk management methodologies, threat-assessment capabilities and technical security management processes through drills, training programs and industry forums.


Eng.Co Group is committed to meeting its legislative and client-specific environmental requirements at all times. All personnel are trained on environmental issues, our environmental policy, and procedures, and have an understanding of their environmental obligations with regard to the works we execute. Continual environmental monitoring is carried out on all of our projects to ensure that land disturbance is avoided and native flora and fauna is protected. All recycling opportunities are optimized and waste is suitably controlled and minimized.

We strive to always optimize or minimize our travel and fuel consumption, and as a result we have become a “best in class”, truly ‘remote engineering’ services supplier. We use communication tools and knowledge sharing techniques through digital platforms that ensure our engineers only travel when absolutely necessary.