Replace Additive Pumps - Esso Additives 2021 - 2022 program

Install new magnetic driven additive pumps Install new piping from tank to first flange to loading gantries incorporating the necessary safety...

Location: Flörsheim, Germany DACH

In Flörsheim the additive pumps are in the end of life and don't compliant They are going to be replaced with Shell and Legal compliant pumps/piping

Successful implementation on pumps for ESSO additives.
During the implementation of the additive pumps for ENI/ARAL in June 2021 multiple issues led to slippage of the schedule Therefor a detailed lessons learnt session was held with all parties involved to identify mitigations and achieve a more predictable implementation program for the remaining pumps
The lessons learnt was held with all parties involved ( EngCo Toptech GAT) to cover all parts of the implementation Goal was to optimize the implementation period (short as possible) and to make the change over transparent.

Main topics identified
- Pretest of instruments to limit/prevent trouble shooting
- Predefine all tasks up to SOF
- Preparation of detailed commissioning plan
- Increased detail on loop checking reports

Benefits / Successful implementation of ESSO additives
- Incident free installation
- Hourly alignment with parties on site to keep track of identified steps
- Successful pretesting of instruments prevented issues during implementation
- Making the implementation a TEAM effort

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