30 MW Green Hydrogen Production Plant

Feasibility Study & EPC Cost Investment Estimate (AACE Class 4) with CAPEX and OPEX, for the construction of a 30 MW Green Hydrogen Production...

Green Hydrogen Production Plant will be fed from the High Voltage Grid (via GIS Substation), rate power 30 MW, and will produce about 6.000 NM3/h of H2 (purity > 99%) and 3.000 NM3 of O2 (purity > 99.9%).

The final destinations of the two streams produced are respectively
• H2 will be used for the production of LOW CARBON FUELS
• O2 will be bottled for medical purposes/Other applications

The 30 MW Green Hydrogen Production Plant, will be built in European territory, along with connections with the existing national power grid facilities, and with the final H2 customers.

The Hydrogen will be produced by means of n.6 Electrolyzer Units (EU), PEM Electrolyzer type, each one of 5 MW duty. Each System will be complete of Purification Unit, Nitrogen Package, Demi Water Unit, Rectifier & Electrical Unit and Heat Recovery System.

Hydrogen production will be 573 kg/h at 30 bar Temperature between 5°C and 70°C.

Power consumption less than 58 kWh/Kg H2.

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