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Our Companies

Five companies come to together as part of the Eng.Co Group of companies. They are either wholly or part owned with local leadership. Combined they provide the resources and capability to deliver information and knowledge management, execution improvement, asset optimization and remote support services.  Individually they offer everything from full service EPCM, to recruitment, investing, fire protection, clean room and consulting services. Delivery can be either as ad-hoc off services or long term agreements. They provide a local focus that leverages global capability.

Eng.Co STS

Established in Ireland in 2020 we connect the right resources with leading companies throughout the world.  We leverage the Eng.Co Group background and expertize to source, screen and recruit the best candidates.  We specialize in engineering, maintenance & operations staff for permanent & contract vacancies in all locations.  Our experienced consultants have a superb knowledge of the engineering and construction market and access to a talented network of professionals both locally and internationally.

Eng.Co STS offers clients a focused, flexible and cost-effective service. We will work with you to identify what your business truly needs.  We develop business partnerships that extend beyond the recruitment process. Services include job analysis, job design, candidate communication, workforce productivity and performance management. Our extensive international network is combined with the latest technology to find the best talent and create a seamless recruitment process. We also specialize in the recruitment of candidates for remote working, as these candidates require specific skills and attributes. We perform targeted candidate searches, assess our candidate’s professional experience, academic training, competence, personality and potential to align with your exact requirements.

We offer our candidates opportunities for career acceleration on challenging complex projects globally. We have qualified career coaches to help candidates gain clarity on strengths and weaknesses and the development of action plans for career advancement. We will assist candidates in identifying available jobs that match skills, interests, and core competencies.

Ebner Associates

With operating roots dating back to 1959 this company is the most established and accomplished part of the Group. It has a rich history of completing major projects across the globe, from the US to Europe and Africa, this company has consistently delivered. Over the years it has provided engineering and consulting services for numerous industries including hotels, hospitals, banks, industrial and power facilities, life sciences and infrastructure. Its success has been driven by its technical depth and structured approach to execution that involves management and oversight during all phases of development.

In 2004 Ebner Associates  Italia was established as an independent operating company. The Italian management of Ebner under the leadership and direction of Michele Villani narrowed its focused and completed projects in Italy and the African continent. From its center of excellence in Italy, Ebner provides EPCM services to the infrastructure, buildings and hospitality sector and specializes in providing Fire protection, HVAC and Clean Room solutions to the worlds advanced manufacturing, life sciences and health services providers.  

Today Ebner Associates Italia, as part of the Eng.Co Group, is working to provide remote support services solutions to large infrastructure projects in remote locations . While continuing to provides its specialist core services to projects and clients, Ebner Associates is building local capability and/partners on the African continent that can provide sustainable local solutions that can support much needed development projects.

Mitra Investments & Consulting

Based on upcoming support needs,  market outlook and the Eng.Co Group commitment to the African continent, Mitra Investments and Consulting was established in 2020. With a local partner, part employee ownership and local leadership this South African company will invest, develop capability and provide consulting and support services across the region. 
By leveraging all elements of the Eng.Co Group of companies and its partners, Mitra Investments and Consulting’s consulting  services will include the supply of goods, logistics management, maintenance services, technical services and construction and project management.
Our goal is to align with our clients to plan and develop solutions to meet long term commitments as they develop new operating facilities across the African continent. We will team with, or support local companies, to build capability and we will always make the development of local capability a priority. From the early phases of construction to commissioning and operation we intend to be the local resource support service provider of choice.

Eng.Co.Cz SA (South Africa)

Eng.Co.Cz SA is 50% Black Woman Owned engineering-based consultancy company that provides integrated engineering solutions for complete asset management. Skilled Engineering Consultants provide end to end solutions covering all phases of engineering to commissioning for oil, mining and heavy industries.

The business was established to create an integrated consultancy providing engineered solutions for asset management. Our solutions are streamlined to E, P, CM, PM business model. We specialize in Asset Management and Optimization. Engineering asset management is an inter-disciplinary field that combines the technical issues of asset reliability, safety and performance with financial and managerial skills.

The emphasis of engineering asset management is on achieving sustainable business outcomes and competitive advantage by applying holistic, systematic and risk-based processes to decisions concerning an organisation's physical assets, including its fixed plant, mobile equipment, and civil, electrical and mechanical infrastructure.

We help businesses to identify and verify their assets. We prioritize assets. The team conducts a detailed risk assessment based on asset integrity; reliability needs; local and national by-laws, OEM preferences and other information. We deliver a risk based asset maintenance plan to effectively manage assets in order to gain maximum value. We provide long term maintenance strategies and we provide the resources to oversee maintenance and operational improvement programs.

We strive to grow to be a partner of choice in South Africa, regionally and globally by providing integrated Asset Management Services for capital intensive industries; throughout lifespan of our client’s assets “from cradle to grave.

Eng.Co.Cz s.r.o.

Eng.Co.Cz s.r.o. is a leading engineering services provider in the energy sector, headquartered in Czech Republic and founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs with more than thirty years of experience in the energy industry. Today Eng.Co.Cz is a global company providing EPC and Asset Optimization services to multiple locations across the globe.   Our team consists of energy & bulk liquid storage industry experts who currently provide bespoke engineering solutions and problem solving for Oil & Gas clients. We currently operate across twenty countries, including Europe, USA, Canada, Turkey, Far East and South Africa.

Eng.Co.Cz is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 which guarantees the compliance of our processes and procedures with the quality standards adopted worldwide.  We have a strategic partnership with KOVOPROJEKTA BRNO a.s. KOVOPROJEKTA is a design, engineering and contracting company providing turn-key solutions in energy, power, chemical, transport and manufacturing industries both in Czech Republic and abroad.  With proven practices, an experienced leadership team and strong partner we provide cost effective solutions completing new projects and improving performance on existing assets.

At Eng.Co.Cz we build and develop long-term relationships with clients, based on mutual respect and trust with a view to facilitating growth while adding value and expertise. We are a solution focused company that fully integrates into client teams to deliver excellence in all aspects of their business. Eng.Co.Cz is built on people, partnership and relationships. Our approach allows us to develop both technically-smart and cost-efficient solutions. For us this is a great way to do business as it exposes our entire team to client needs and requirements and allows us to provide tailored bespoke solutions. We strive to ensure that every decision we make, and every action we take, demonstrates our values.

Eng.Co Germany GmbH

After many years of providing services in one of our largest markets in the Oil & Gas sector we took the decision to establish Eng.Co. Germany in 2023. Part of the global Eng.Co. Group and operations, Eng.Co. Germany has set out to become the leading EPC and Asset Optimization provider in the region.

Our focus is on building long term relationships and partnerships with our clients by supporting & maintaining their assets to the highest of standards. Allowing the client to put their focus on other key areas of their business. Our solution focused approach supports business’ giving piece of mind, the highest level of expertise and cost-effective business solutions.

Our goal is to add value in the solutions we offer, our strategic approach and building lasting, valuable relationships. We measure our success, by our clients success.

Eng.Co Energies S.r.L.

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