River Po crossing for the replacement of a part of the oil pipeline Genoa - Lacchiarella.

Safety Coordination in phase of execution and Building supervision for the construction of the new crossing of the Po river with CHD technique...
  • Principal / Customer: SIGEMI S.r.l. (SHELL ITALIA S.p.A.)
  • TOC Length / CHD length: 2001.82m
  • Work amount: Approximately €3 500 000.00
  • Service start: 2007

The provided services consist in the realization of drilling constructions across the Po River for the oil pipeline Genoa Lacchiarella-10" in Mezzana Rabattone, Pancarana and Cervesina municipalities in the district of Pavia. During the construction a new system, the so-called Controlled Horizontal Drilling (CHD), has been used. The construction has been requested due to the lowering of the bottom level and the presence of a riverbed joint which were not meeting the requested safety conditions.

The CHD procedure consists of two phases: The first involves the drilling of a small diameter pilot hole along a predetermined direction. The second involves the enlargement of the pilot hole to a diameter allowing the setting of the new pipeline through a laying and pulling process. After the drilling, the pipeline is assembled on a guide rail (or truck rolls) and the laying is carried on.

Phase 1: Drilling of the pilot hole, Phase 2: Pilot Hole Enlargement

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